Gluten-Free Biscuit Morning.

Gluten-free biscuit mornings have, for awhile now, been exciting times. There were many-a-morning, not so exciting, during my beginner gluten-free experimentation days. Gluten-free was inspired by my Honey, who had a rather severe intolerance when we met. After it was under control through diet, he’s done okay most days with a light, glutenous meal, but at home pretty often, we strive for freedom of the glorious, sticky goodness.

In getting to know gluten-free baking, I’ve experimented with many types of gluten-free flours like Masa, brown & white rice flour, tapioca, soy, coconut, buckwheat, millet, and on and on. It was out of sheer necessity after trying the gluten-free loafs of brand-name rock-hard, crumbly, tasteless terrors. There really was NOTHING like horrid gluten-free bread from any store shelf I pulled it from. I believed in my heart there had to be something better!

After weeks of experimentation, I finally found a combination of flours and other ingredients that made a yummy, chewy, gluten-imposter biscuit. I shouted with joy when I broke it open and it didn’t crumble…and it stuck to the roof of my mouth as I ate it. The advent of delicimous gluten-free baking had arrived. 😉

An ingredient I had used in perfecting my biscuit is a little pricey, so my goal this morning was to try a new gluten-free flour concoction that was less expensive, and yet still didn’t crumble, or almost as bad — have the texture of cornbread (happens a lot using rice flours).

Turns out I was successful! I am going to make an adjustment next time and hope for just a little better. Also, for the first time I lightly rolled the dough into balls and pressed  a bit on the baking sheet. I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen, as I didn’t have enough baking powder in there to make anything rise. Next time I’ll go with the old-reliable drop-biscuit style, instead of this. But! It was still super-yummy and I met my goals of more cost-effective, non-crumbly, and not corn-bread texture.

I sift all of my flours to keep things as light & airy as possible. Nothing like a heavy gluten-free rock. I know this because many biscuits before these came out that way.

Part of my nose-dive into being creatively unemployed is to DO something with my gluten-free biscuit recipe. I’ll keep you posted. I need a snazzy name for these melt-in-your-mouth puppies.

A little salt…a little sugar…I find in gluten-free baking it’s better to use than to not. Everything always gets baking powder too. It’s the only way to get a rise out of your dough, that I’ve found. I have many more experiments ahead, however. I’ve always wanted yeast to actually WORK. I can’t seem to buy any that is still active, despite the labeling.

We’re fans of Stonybrook reduced fat organic milk around here. Dairy and me are tight and it’s my favorite. Also, It had 5 stars, as opposed to my other Wal-Mart option, Horizon Organic (2 stars) on a cruelty scale I saw once. I realize NO milk is cruelty-free. Yes, some days I do actually abstain from dairy because I can’t take the guilt. I’ve tried soy and rice milk countless times, people. I just can’t deal. I *do* use non-fat, powdered milk in many creations, and I believe my next biscuit morning will involve that, as opposed to the real thing — just to see.

Never again! What was wrong with me? My only control in my life now is forming biscuit dough into little patted-down circles? No. These biscuits are much more fun and airy when they are DROPPED. Next time, biscuit. Next time.

Viola! Cookies! Err, I mean BISCUITS!!!

They do look a little like cookies in this form…I liked how they broke open on top. Seriously, though. Drop biscuits.

MMM! This was my plate. One of my favorite breakfasts my entire life has been eggs over easy with toast. Today, it was with a gluten-free biscuit & turkey bacon! Below is an action-photo of yolk running out of my egg where I broke it with a piece of biscuit. 😀

An additional warning about me is that I have always hated matching. I don’t wear 2-piece clothing things that come together at the store…I don’t like matching accessories…I don’t like sets of dishes that match. I love the plates I have, and yes they are a mishmash of here and there. I am realizing that what I grab off the shelf may not be *THE* most spectacular or thought-out dish for photographing my food…hopefully I’ll think of that at some point and get the hang of it too. Those stripes above are just washing out my dang biscuit colors.

Below is Honey’s plate. He chose to butter & honey (the bee kind) his biscuits. Honey also prefers his eggs scrambled, so I typically do mine and then do his in my hot egg-over-easy pan so they’re fresh & warm when they reach his mouth. 🙂

If you have any biscuit brand name contributions, hit me up! Let me know!

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