Experimenting: Spaghetti Sqaush Fritters.

Tonight’s dinner was a desire for comfort food…a desire that has been increasing lately, has been indulged, and needs to get back under control!! *hopeful smile*

I had some leftover spaghetti squash that needed some good lovin’, and I had a vision…beautiful little strings of spaghetti squash fries. I mean seriously…doesn’t that sound delicate and lovely? So fragile they could break, but they don’t, because they’re that awesome.

Can’t you just see stringy spaghetti squash fries out of this??

If I’m absolutely lost on where to even begin for a technique, I will consult the net…otherwise, if I have an inkling of thought that I know what I’m doing, I just go for it, and count it as a learning experience if it turns out other than how I anticipated. Tonight was definitely “other than how I anticipated”…but we’ll get to that.

Mom had given us a roasted chicken, so I knew that was going to be a part of dinner. I also know Honey loves mashed potatos, so I decided that would be our other side. Nice & comforty. I put a pot of water on for the taters and then started on what I hoped to be my beautiful little fries.

I stared at my cupboards filled with flours of various kinds and grabbed what worked well once with tilapia, as far as stick-to goes. Beer batter. I also love the extra crunch that corn flour creates, so I grabbed the Masa too.

I realize the beer batter clearly states “seafood batter mix”. Due to my experimentation gene, I don’t like to let reality interfere with my world of cooking. We’re getting to know this about me.

The stick-to-edness of the beer batter was certainly more than I was expecting. I had only used it once before to try to fry (of all things) seafood. To do over again for my pretty little veggie fries goal, I would have tried with just a little Masa & cornstarch mixed, or made my beer batter watery thin.

Evidently I had other things in mind tonight, however. I started by carefully coating my spaghetti squash with Masa flour, making sure the strings were mostly separated.

Next, I dropped a few of these strings into beer batter. Had I pulled the squash out of the beer batter string by string, I would still be doing it and dictating this blog to Honey, instead of typing it. I may have gotten my desired result, though. My squash fantasy involved all these floaty strings and using my slotted spatula to gently lift them out. :/

Had I made the batter more runny, I doubt I would have had the clumping issue. But I did. I plopped those squash clumps right into hot vegetable oil.

One thing I am coming to understand about food & hot oil is that if it’s brown about halfway from the bottom up, it’s time to flip. Hey, give me a break. I was 31 before I ever attempted to fry anything. I’m learning. 😉 I used tongs to flip these guys over…about 4 minutes each side.

Then, out to rid as much oil as possible on paper towels in a strainer.

The aroma of my s’ghetti squash fritters was…amazing.

The FLAVOR of my s’ghetti squash fritters was…AMAZING!

Even though it didn’t come out the way I anticipated, as promised, it was delish. Anything covered in beer batter and fried does stand a chance at tasty.

Next were the mashed taters. I boiled them and started with what every good southern girl (or Indiana-transplant-to-the-south girl) knows: butter.

I only buy unsalted butter, mostly because I like to use sea salt when I cook. Next comes a bit of milk. I’ve never tried to make mashed taters with soy or rice milk. Anyone have an experience with that? Mmm…I need to try this with goat milk!

I had salted the water I used to cook my taters, so no extra salt was needed now. You know what was needed? Yes? Do you even have to think???

Cheese! And not just cheese, but cheese melted in the broiler!

We love to use plain Oikos Greek yogurt in place of sour cream…tastes even better as sour cream and is healthier!

So what’s the verdict?

Spaghetti Squash Fritters = YAY! Delicious & comforting.

I’ll definitely try my original idea of stringy fries one day, having used what I learned in tonight’s experiment…but it’s also nice to know what beer batter will do to a vegetable in case I ever want to make delicimous deep-fried health food again! 😉

A little cilantro to the taters, and we were ready to eat. Plenty of veggies on this plate! Does it count if it’s fried? 😀

If you dare…

Ingredients for Spaghetti Squash Fritters:

– 1/2 of a cooked spaghetti squash
– 1 cup beer batter mix
– enough Masa flour to coat the cooked spaghetti squash
– enough vegetable oil to allow the fritters to sit at least 1 quarter submerged in oil


  1. Heat vegetable oil on medium.
  2. Mix beer batter as instructed on box. (Any brand, or find a recipe and make your own!)
  3. Coat cooked spaghetti squash in Masa flour.
  4. Take a chunk of spaghetti squash (however large you want your fritter to be) and drop it into your beer batter. Use tongs to coat the lump and then lift from the batter and carefully slide the lump into the hot oil. (No splatters here people! A good burn will ruin your night!)
  5. Repeat as desired, making sure your little guys have enough space to cook in the pan.
  6. Cook for 3-4 minutes, or until fritter is browned almost halfway from the bottom, up.
  7. Using tongs, carefully turn your fritters over to brown on the other side for another 3-4 minutes.
  8. Remove fritters from oil using tongs, and put them into a paper towel-lined strainer, or blot by hand. Or don’t blot at all. 🙂
  9. Eat and enjoy! We didn’t use any dip, but I imagine some Ranch or blue cheese dressing would be extra indulgent.
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2 Responses to Experimenting: Spaghetti Sqaush Fritters.

  1. Deanna Lack says:

    YUM. I might have to try this, sounds fantastic… but it gave me a fantastic craving for potato pancakes 🙂

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